Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The "C" word

Cancer...on how I hate that word and the memories it brings to mind. A precious aunt that made a comment I will never forget when she said "I'll take my cancer any day over Alzheimer's." My sweet daddy who battled lung cancer that eventually went to his brain. Eric, only 30 years of age, fighting a 2 1/2 year battle with brain cancer. January 13 we discovered my sister has Stage 2 agressing towards Stage 3 breast cancer.

January 17 Ron left for a consulting trip to Egypt, and the next day seemed like a good day to get the routine yearly mammogram behind me. My appointment was just days past my due date of January 13 but things quickly snowballed to including a BSGI exam, ultrasound, needle biopsy and a trip to the surgeon on January 23. Thankfully the biopsy came back negative, but due to the recent family diagnoses, hot spots on the BSGI (which as I understand it can be cancerous or beign), and past questionable mamo's I will have an outpatient procedure on February 3. The Dr. seemed cautiously optimistic but the risks are bleeding, infection and I think he termed it "a possible undesirable diagnosis." Ironically, the results I heard on Monday were an answered prayer as that "C" word came up way too often during the needle biopsy.

As I sat waiting for the needle biopsy I was playing WWF and texted a few people to please offer up a prayer. I was somewhat encouraged in that the dr doing the biopsy felt like we should wait until we had the results before bringing Ron home from Egypt. After consulting with the surgeon I was once again encouraged in that there did not seem to be a rush to get this done or to bring Ron home early. I told Ron today that since we are getting older solo Dr appointments are no longer a good idea.

At any rate, I guess I have two objectives in posting this. The obvious is that if anyone is still reading this blog please say a little prayer that the next procedure comes back clear. Although I think most people that might have read this blog at one point are probably too young to deal with yearly mammograms I am sure you have family members that are at this magical age. Push buttons, move mountains, and do whatever it takes to keep loved ones current with their mammograms. Early detection can save lives. That's my story and I sticking to it!!


Troy and Rachel said...

I'll be praying. Please keep us updated.

Moscow Musings said...

Keeping you in my prayers!! Take care of yourself and keep us posted!